My Story

I am Howard Goodall and I designed this planning system. I have been an Independent Financial Adviser running my own successful business for most of my working life. I’ve since retired, but still love my work, so I created this website to share with you my lifetime’s experience.

In 2002 my office was bulging at the seams with paper, and because technology was improving we converted to a paperless office. We’d been filling a four drawer filing cabinet every year and were not a large firm, so it was time to have a computer based system. It had to include a reporting and analysis system that was clear and easy for clients to read. Every system I tested was messy and hard to understand. Printed reports were poorly laid out and disjointed, worse still did you really need 35 pages? I wanted something more for my clients.

Surprisingly, even today a really clear client friendly system is hard to find, and still there are too many pages. So I built my own. Income Planner is one part of that system.

Whether you have a financial adviser or not, you can still use this website and it’s planning calculators, it’s a stand alone system for anyone to use.

about my system

It’s not easy to find a retirement planning system tha offers high levels of details, when I retired I found it hard to just leave it in a drawer and more importantly I wanted to make it available and develop it further to more people to feel the benefit. There are three separate versions: a quick calculator if you have fewer details to input and more complete single and joint solutions if you have greater complexity.


Financial Advisers

If you want to consider working with a financial adviser, meet two or three before making your choice. There are those who are independant and those who are not.

Finally and most importantly you need to get on with your adviser and work well together.